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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vein treatment center?

A vein treatment center in California is a medical center dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular conditions. It’s led by board-certified vein doctors.

What does a vein treatment center do?

A vein treatment center is responsible for the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of vein problems, such as spider veins, varicose veins, venous insufficiency, and deep vein thrombosis.

What to expect at a vein treatment center?

When you visit our center for vein treatment in California, the Ivy League-trained vein doctor will examine your leg veins, review your medical history, administer ultrasound tests, and diagnose the root cause of your vein problems, following which a treatment plan is curated.

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Why Choose Our California Vein Treatment Center? Because We Care!

Our NJ vein doctors are world-class physicians.


Each of our doctors is a leader in the field of venous medicine who sets the standard for all other NJ vein centers. Our esteemed physicians frequently train other doctors on our superior diagnostic and treatment techniques. Our Harvard-trained medical directors developed superior systems and the highest safety standards for each of our centers to follow. Each doctor at our vein centers is a highly qualified, board-certified vein expert, and also an expert listener, adept at customizing treatment to the individual. You’ll never have unanswered questions with our caring physicians.

5-Star Ratings & Reviews

 Nothing speaks to our vein treatment center’s perfect track record like our patient success stories. Our vein treatment clinics in California have unanimous 5-star ratings and reviews in Google, Facebook, Real Self, and all other online platforms.


Board-Certified Physicians

 At Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment Center, California, you can rest assured that your diagnosis and treatment will be handled by a team of hand-picked physicians, all of whom are board-certified and trained at the leading Ivy League universities. Furthermore, our concierge model of vein care puts your emotional and physical comfort at the center of the vein treatment process.


Our treatment plans always incorporate your input.


Each vein doctor in our practice takes a collaborative approach, sharing your symptoms with other experts on our team for the most comprehensive analysis. We understand that patients are in tune with their own bodies, so we always use your goals and preferences in our diagnostic process. Every patient’s case is submitted to our medical directors for quality assurance and rigorous review. At our Paramus and Clifton vein centers, you work with an esteemed doctor who applies the expertise of our entire team.

Accredited Vein Treatment Centers in CA

Our vein treatment centers in San Diego and San Jose are double-accredited vein centers of excellence. That means we’ve passed rigorous standards and tests for vascular imaging and vein treatments.

Customized Vein Treatment Options

 Our spider and varicose vein treatment centers in CA provide personalized and comprehensive treatments. We use cutting-edge diagnostic techniques to identify and treat the root cause of your unique vein problems, such as spider veins, varicose veins, restless leg syndrome, leg heaviness, muscle cramps, and more. As such, each vein treatment option is individually designed just for you.

Our vein
centers offer
state-of-the-art care.


Our premiere NJ vein centers hold the unique distinction of dual accreditation in vascular imaging and venous medicine. Following a rigorous approval process, we achieved this rare recognition from the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission for the exceptional level of care in all of our vein centers. The extensive review of our practice revealed the highest marks in quality, safety, and performance, proving us supremely qualified to treat vein disease.

*New clinic locations might be in the approval process at the time of publication.

Our board-certified vein doctors are distinctly trained.


Some vein clinics in Paramus and Clifton have to rely on assistants to operate ultrasound technology. But minimally invasive vein treatments now utilize ultrasonography for multiple steps, including placing a catheter in your vein, injecting adhesives, and charting the course of powerful foam through your veins. Therefore, our NJ vein doctors are the ones manipulating the devices throughout your procedure, rather than an ultrasound technician.

Incredible Patient Results

See before & afters

Varicose veins and spider veins frequently occur on the legs and feet, two areas we routinely treat at our San Diego, California vein treatment clinic. Browse through our Before & After gallery to see the stunning results of our minimally invasive vein treatments in California.


California Vein Experts

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I Finally Love My Legs Again

We’ve helped thousands of patients just like you!

Our spider and varicose vein treatment patients share their experiences with the staff at Vein Treatment Of San Diego, where compassionate and expert care go hand in hand (or rather, hand on leg!). There are many reasons why your body might suffer from varicose veins, but here, we help patients with vein problems of all kinds get back on their feet and live healthy, active lives again.


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