The VenaSeal Closure System treats the disease called venous insufficiency and also eliminates bulging varicose veins and correlated symptoms. 

 Venous insufficiency causes unsightly veins to appear when valves fail within veins, allowing blood to accumulate. This disease can be chronic, causing leg heaviness, cramping, skin discoloration, restless legs, and slow-healing venous ulcerations. In some cases, patients develop life-threatening blood clots that can break free and travel to the lungs. 

Our California vein treatment center uses VenaSeal to close malfunctioning veins with a medical adhesive. This minimally invasive treatment provides relief from varicose veins by targeting their root cause.

How Does VenaSeal Treat Veins and Vein Disease?

Unlike other vein closure methods, VenaSeal does not use thermal energy. This minimizes risk of injury or side effects and eliminates the need for tumescent anesthesia. With VenaSeal, our doctors use a small catheter to inject cyanoacrylate adhesive into the vein to seal it shut.

We begin by making a tiny incision on your skin and using ultrasound imagery to guide the catheter to the desired point on your vein. Our vein specialists then inject a medical glue into the vein, which induces fibrosis (scarring) as soon as it interacts with your blood. This fibrotic growth causes the vein to glue itself closed. 

A VenaSeal procedure is remarkably effective and doesn’t require the use of bandages or compression stockings following treatment. With time, the treated vein is reabsorbed by the body and the accumulated blood flows into healthier veins, eliminating varicosities.

Vein Treatment Clinic is a state-of-the-art and accredited spider and varicose vein clinic near SD. This article highlights the essential qualities of our vein treatment center in San Diego.

Are You Eligible for VenaSeal?

Do you have symptoms of venous insufficiency or visible varicose veins? You might be a good candidate for VenaSeal.

Only a qualified vein doctor can determine whether VenaSeal is right for you. Chronic venous insufficiency often stems from faulty valves in veins deeper in the legs. Our team of experts uses Doppler ultrasound technology to isolate problematic venous pathways and check for insufficiency in the great saphenous veins (the longest veins in the body). 

Visit our center for vein treatment California for an accurate diagnosis of your vascular health and an assessment of whether VenaSeal is the best choice for you.  

What are the Side Effects of VenaSeal?

Side effects are minimal, but some patients experience the following:

  • Mild irritation of the treated vein
  • Brief firming sensation as the vein hardens
  • Slight risk of allergic reaction, perforation, or vascular rupture

One of the newer vein treatments in California, VenaSeal exceeds the safety profiles of older treatments like vein stripping. While the risks are low with VenaSeal, you can further avoid complications by choosing a qualified doctor, like the revered vein specialists at our esteemed center for vein treatment in California. 

    What Should You Expect?

    Most patients can return to their regular routine immediately, including heading back to work, as many patients do right after their procedure. 

    VenaSeal does not require downtime or the use of compression stockings or bandages, unlike other vein treatments. 

    You don’t have to avoid water after VenaSeal. You can swim, bathe, or shower as usual. It’s the only California vein treatment that allows you to get your legs wet immediately after the procedure.  

    Most patients will only notice a firm sensation in their legs, which is normal as the treated veins harden. The sensation disappears when the vein is reabsorbed by your body.

    Will You Need Subsequent VenaSeal Treatments?

    Patients with venous insufficiency often require follow-up treatments when using other methods. But VenaSeal is 99% successful the first time and it’s a permanent solution for venous insufficiency. 

    Our patients love that VenaSeal doesn’t require any post-procedural protocols, like wearing bandages or compression stockings. Our vein doctors ensure that your lifestyle isn’t disrupted. You can return to your daily obligations like work, activities, and responsibilities immediately following treatment.   

    Our center for vein treatment in California has a long track record of success with VenaSeal, alleviating vein disease in numerous patients since the treatment was introduced.  

    VenaSeal is as effective as it is efficient, treating the root of the problem in a matter of minutes. Schedule an appointment today to resolve your vein issues once and for all with VenaSeal.

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