RF Ablation

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) treats both varicose veins and the underlying cause of varicosities, which is venous insufficiency. It’s performed in our office with either a mild sedative or local anesthesia and does not require general anesthesia. Our patients remain comfortable throughout the minimally invasive procedure. Since RFA addresses the root cause of varicose veins, it prevents them from recurring. It also restores healthy circulation by eliminating veins with faulty valves that impair blood flow in your legs.

What Is RFA and How Is it Performed?

The purpose of RF Ablation is to collapse damaged veins so that blood flows into functional veins. Our doctors accomplish this by directing radiofrequency energy into the vein to shrink the collagen in the venous walls. This prompts the varicose vein to close, thereby redirecting blood away from the faulty vein.

Our physicians start by locating the vein with ultrasound technology. We then cleanse and numb the injection point on your leg with a local anesthetic. Next, we insert a tiny catheter into the vein, using ultrasound guidance for precise placement.

Through the catheter, we administer tumescent anesthesia around the exterior of the vein. This medicated fluid numbs and insulates the surrounding tissue from radiofrequency and helps the vein collapse onto the catheter.

Radiofrequency ablation has a 98% success rate at our California vein treatment clinic and takes just 15-30 minutes. The results are permanent. Once the vein is closed, it’s harmlessly reabsorbed by the body and accumulated blood travels into veins with functional valves.

If you have symptoms of venous insufficiency (cramping, swelling, heaviness, itchiness, and varicosities), talk to our doctors about RFA. This treatment is often covered by insurance and is less painful and invasive than laser ablation or surgery. It requires no downtime, so you can resume your regular activities immediately.

What to Expect with RF Ablation

At our California vein treatment center, patients are able to walk immediately after treatment. It only takes a few hours for you to fully recover.

You won’t need any downtime after RFA. In fact, many patients have RFA performed during their lunch break and return to work afterward.

After treatment, your doctor will wrap your leg in an ACE bandage, which you’ll wear for 24 hours, followed by a compression stocking for about one week.

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